Welcome to Rhoda’s Relationship Realities Blog

This blog was started as an extension of my Therapy Ideas Website. It is for people who want to learn more about themselves, using a foundation of ideas from therapy along with books and movies from popular culture. After more than thirty years of working with people, I want to share how I think about therapy, values, life, and interactions. I will offer many topics with ideas for change as a way to challenge yourself. These ideas are portals for ways to enrich your life.

As you read the articles, I hope you will use some of these ideas to enlarge your framework of thinking and to understand more about the dark side of yourself and others. This new vista can make pain more bearable and can enable you to see more possibilities for your life. I hope this contributes toward greater self-awareness. Remember that ideas are never a substitute for therapy itself. Welcome to opening yourself up to more possibilities.


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