Obama, Duality and Relationships

President Obama’s speech (2/25/09) to Congress acknowledged the duality so often present in life and relationships. The sentence that struck me contained two: “We are a nation that has seen promise amid peril, and claimed opportunity from ordeal.” Duality is exactly what makes relationships both exciting and tough places to remain. One person’s frugality can be balanced by the other person’s generosity and vice versa. It’s the differences in strengths that keep things interesting and push people apart. Often in years 6-10, this is the time partners get sick of the differences because the romantic illusions are finally worn away. This is also the time that a real infrastructure can be built to keep respect for differences working for a lifetime. Respect builds on understanding duality is an important part of every relationship. We require two points of view to make better decisions (which is why Obama hiring people in his cabinet that he disagreed with is encouraging & a sign of leadership). There is always value to both the yin & the yang. Opportunity is the other side of crisis. Excitement is always available as the flip side of fear (remember riding a bicycle the first time). Themore you can embrace both, the more range & wholeness you have to experience life to the fullest.

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