16 Ideas About Aging Well

These are ways to improve our relationship with ourselves:

1. Blame Less.

2. Find it easier to say  “I’m sorry” and meaning it.

3. Recognize complicatedness.

4. Don’t expect others to love you enough to guess what you want.

5. Know that perspective really does make up for gravity.

6. Value long term thinking.

7. Know that being choiceful is what’s important;  it is not so much that a particular choice will be right.

8. Clarity that mistakes are crucial. (which means we will be more generous to ourselves and therefore others.)

9. Appreciating it’s been a hell of a ride because of risks and never giving up on that part of yourself.

10. Being able to more fully be yourself, because there is a rich range to who you are.

11. Deeply understanding every choice in life has trade-offs.    (so living in the wild, wonderful, natural beauty of Alaska also means eating frozen vegetables unless you grow them or live in the city.)

12. Stay creative about life, continue to pursue new ideas instead of coasting.

13. Fun should be a priority. (Too many couples of all ages look at me blankly when I ask them the last time they had fun!)                                                                                                                                                                         IMG_0721

14. Aging well can mean it is easier to be more true to yourself so take more emotional risks and be vulnerable and authentic with people you love. That is how to get connectedness.

15. Aging means paying attention to your energy levels. Youth is attractive because energy is endless (& wasted.) Aging well is about knowing how to replenish yourself and having clarity about what’s worth your energy.

16. Acceptance of being reasonably happy.

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