Nobody Gets All the Pieces of the Pie

Some people get the happy childhood, some people get a life-long relationship, some people get kids, some people get jobs they love,Home-baked Apple Pie some people live near the beach, some people have close relationships with their siblings, some people take lots of vacations, some people get physical health, some people have freedom in their work schedules, some people have luck in good weather when they travel, some people work outdoors instead of cubicles, some people have an artistic gift, some people can buy anything they want, and some people have mustangs. Nobody gets all the pieces of the pie in life, nobody. Understanding the luck you do have in life is crucial to living well.

So many are disheartened because finding the right partner is a lot of work, then keeping the right partner requires a lot of work and then losing the right partner requires a lot of work. Living with the wrong partner requires a lot of heartache also. Life is complicated with joy, hard work, pain and suffering from loss. Life asks a lot from us to keep going. The death of a child is so profound it can put the couple’s relationship in jeapordy…..haven’t they suffered enough without losing each other too?

It’s important to remember the pieces of the pie that you do have even in the face of all that you don’t. I remember one lovely young mother of  toddlers who had ovarian cancer and she was angry. Before she died she said “I want everyone to look at my bald head without a wig or a scarf so they know what they have, because I’m furious I don’t have enough time.”  Everybody gets some of it, nobody gets all of it, Nobody.


2 thoughts on “Nobody Gets All the Pieces of the Pie

  1. Mahesh says:

    This is a really good article indeed. More suit for peoples who are not happy with what they are. Thing is, every little thing we see hear touch and feel is relative to something else in this world or universe..yep every one them. It is something I have observed via life. So we ourselves make up the happy or sadness or nutria beats in our lives. U can’t blame it for anybody.

    Again this is a really good article ..:-)

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