2/12/10 First Anniversary for this Blog

I wrote 50% of a book to help relationships last longer and then the publishing industry crashed when the recession arrived. I wanted to get the information out into the universe. It was never about making money but challenging people to think about their relationships. Then I saw Arianna Huffington on The Jon Stewart Show and she said “Blog your passion” and buy her book. I did both. The Huffington Post Complete Guide to Blogging was indispensible. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to be inspired from my work and be able to translate the ideas with such immediacy. I love responding to comments, finding other blogs and looking for pictures on istock. Seventy one posts in my first year seems like a solid tally. I still value the very first post Twenty things to be Wary of when Dating on February 12, 2009.

Marcia Yerman, a Huffpost blogger said “Blogging gives me the opportunity to write about content that is too often overlooked by the mainstream media.” Yes, that’s true for me too! I believe relationships matter, whether it’s your relationship with yourself, your partner, your boss or your kids. Learning to do the hard work of communication about differences and to soften those differences through many, many conversations leads to respect and longevity. For me, aging as a therapist means wanting to get the ideas out to a wider audience, being less content to do it one or two at a time. Blogging is a wonderful solution. I am grateful to the readers I have and I am greedy for more, being the true blogger that I am. So please pass it on and I promise to continue to write on relationships with substance.


2 thoughts on “2/12/10 First Anniversary for this Blog

  1. Tom says:

    Your blogs are awesome! I am currently in co-dependency recovery and also beginning a divorce and have found ENORMOUS wisdom in your work.

    • rhodasommer says:

      I really am thankful for your encouragement. It’s my way to set loose therapy information for free in the world. Please pass on the link to others! Rhoda

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