Our Relationship to Food Matters

In America, it’s too easy to be disconnected from food and what’s healthy. We all wince at the price of organics. Food Inc. is a documentary that helps you to realize that organics are worth it. We all need to learn more about what’s happening as large corporations crowd out independent farmers.

Corn products are found in everything from Coke to fast food. Cows are meant to eat grass and they are learning to eat corn. If cattle were fed grass for even 5 days, they would naturally shed E Coli bacteria. Even farm fed fish are learning to eat corn. Corn is part of a “food system that is skewed to cheap, bad calories.” One in three of everyone born in the year 2000 and after will have diabetes. Watching this movie makes you realize we are completely “ignorant about something as intimate as food.”

There are too many political connections, of those who worked at high levels in food corporations, who now are on the Supreme Court and in Congress. In 1972 the FDA had 50,000 food safety inspections. In 2006 there were only 9,164.

Food offers a great deal of comfort in our hectic lives. Not having time to cook our own meals is a leading contribution to obesity. It’s easy to eat cheap fast foods, and they can be cheap because of meat fillers.

I have gone to and supported farmers markets since I was a little girl and bought the handmade Barbie dresses for 50 cents, which was way cheaper than store-bought. I loved the colors of the vegetables piled up and the rough hands of the farmers as they piled produce in bags. My Mom brought in her egg cartons to reuse and it was always appreciated.  I respect the hard, honest work that farmers do. In Pittsburgh we’re lucky to have a farmer’s market every day of the week except Sunday. Knowing where our food comes from matters.

So many small things can make such a difference in having good food. Don’t refrigerate tomatoes – it kills their flavor. Using fresh herbs makes such a difference. Take time to read labels and be wary when the first or second ingredient is high fructose corn syrup. Take time to cook because what we eat says a lot about who we are.

4 thoughts on “Our Relationship to Food Matters

  1. nadeaujl5 says:

    I couldn’t agree MORE with this blog. I have a blog myself, pretty much dedicated to this topic (health and wellness). Thank you so much for pointing out that what we put in our body is essentially a result of our relationship with food! Great blog!

    • rhodasommer says:

      Thanks for taking the time to comment. I really appreciate all kinds of feedback because it does feel like a community. Rhoda

  2. conradvisionquest says:

    great post. once i started learning about where our “food” comes from i have changed my eating habits completely! food, inc. has definitely been part of that learning process. the problem is, people have to WANT to know what they are putting in their bodies, and then seek out the truth. for most people, this takes too much effort, and that’s what the big businesses are counting on. it’s outrageous what goes on in the food industry right under our noses, all for the love of money. if we all sit still and realize what is really important, everything would fall into place. it’s ALL related… ok, i’m done ranting now. ;)wendy

    • rhodasommer says:

      I agree with your “rant”. I also am aware of how many important things there are to keep track of…..with my kids grown I’m more able to absorb more & make better choices. Part of why I love documentaries. So many self-employed people, like farmers are getting crunched in too many ways. Who ever thought farmers would be prosecuted for keeping THEIR OWN seeds because the corporations seeds have drifted into their fields. Thanks, Rhoda

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