Are You OCD?

In response to my last post, I was asked to publish this letter. Jack Nicholson played someone who suffers with OCD in the movie As Good As It Gets. Research on OCD and genetics is crucial for treatment in the future. Please consider helping this study yourself or pass along the information to anyone you know who suffers with Obsessive Cumpulsive Disorder:

Thank you for your recent post on anxiety, obsessions, and OCD. Many of us have routines or even eccentric superstitions that get us through the day; we read our horoscopes every morning, keep our calendars clean and up-to-date, or pray each night. But for the 2.2 million American adults suffering from OCD, unceasing thoughts and compulsions can get in the way of living. These symptoms of OCD are not mere habits but persistent, distressing and, at times, debilitating impediments.

In an effort to better understand this common disorder, the National Institute of Mental Health is sponsoring a study to examine possible genetic contributions to OCD. Five research institutions in cities across the country – in Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York – are looking for participants who have been diagnosed with OCD or exhibit symptoms such as obsessions, compulsions or hoarding that could lead to a diagnosis. The study involves a 2-3 hour interview with the participant about their mental health. We also ask that the participant and their family members (parents or siblings) provide a blood or saliva sample for DNA. Participants are compensated $75 for their interview and DNA sample, and each family member receives $35 for their DNA sample. Participants and their family members may participate from home or at one of the study centers.

If you think your readers would be interested in helping us gain a deeper understanding of OCD, we would greatly appreciate it if you could publish this letter or our study information for them to view. Readers who would like to participate in the study may contact Columbia University research staff at 212-543-5364 or e-mail


OCD Collaborative Genetic Association Study

Columbia University

Elizabeth Persons, MPH

Research Employee

Columbia University/NYSPI

(212) 543-5377


4 thoughts on “Are You OCD?

  1. hass says:

    i fight the ocd without medicin bymeself and thanks god
    first i have been suffer for past 2 year cleaning washing clothes dishes touching even in my food and even in sexlife
    i sit with myself and i start think
    1 i said why iamd oing this to myself after i lost my social life no work i dnt go out and i sit always alone in the kitchen and i eat bymyself and wife with her kids in the dinner room i always clean floor wash cnange clothes and shower non stop doors handel window handel house key even my choes even one time i end up only one underwear in my closet and sitting and stress and thinkin even if i go for shopping to by food i use to wash all the food when i come from shopiing even i use to wash the picture and the smoke and lighter even when i shake hands wth people even if i go to bathroom i feel iam dirty and iam not clean evry rff moment i was my debit card wallet all closet in the kitchen 3 time a day and fridge and floor non stop i feel eveything is dirty but there is nothing and i try to talk to myself where is the dirt but was impossible to get out of my head very difficult

    look what i did i look at myself and i said god give me brain to think
    and i wnet to bathroom and i wash i said iam clean and i look at door handel i said is not dirty and i touch and touch all my body and i smile wow why i should judge this handel door there is no dirt on it
    seconde step i buy the food from the store and i look at them in my eyes i said how could this be dirty i talk to myself where this dirt on them is something on them i said bymyself no and i start think positive and i star the negative brain and i stay in my clothe that day i dont change my jeans na di look at my jeans and i drop on them food i clean with wateer i said why i should take of the jeans its just food and then i take huge step
    belive me as ong u dont see in ur won eyes there dirt in the clothes or in the food or if u shake someone hand think positive thats it i know its difficult is not easy i suffer 2 half year like maniac crazy sometime i run away from people i lost social life its difficult belive me its easy try to think positive u will win on the negative things and u will feel bettte try to be strong patient just laugh and said why i should wahs my hand when i touch the fridge there is no shit on there no blood there no pee god give you eyes belive take this advice use ur eyes and judge dont take it stress dnt take it hard on u good luck

  2. Luella Shelton says:

    i find myself in a situation with OCD. I have a strong and strange feeling of having this problem, because I can’t stand seeing anything on the floors, it makes me furious to see paper, dust, clothing, books or just a dirty floor in anyone home. I can get sick to the stomach to have to sit or endure looking at it. I have never gone to a doctor, but I know that this is a form of the mental challenge of this disorder.

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