Let The Great World Spin: A Novel

This is another of the great books in my life. It’s about chance, the power of choices and the courage to be found in living ordinary lives. It improves your relationship with yourself to think about all these things that are the stuff of life.Chance, Choices,Courage & Pain

His characters have depth and are permanently imprinted on the reader’s heart. I hit an all-time high of ten bookmarks in my Kindle for this book (a bookmark is the electronic form on highlighting notable passages). One of the very special quotes I marked is:

Some people think love is the end of the road and if you’re lucky enough to find it you stay there. Other people say it just becomes a cliff you drive off, but most people who’ve been around a while know it’ just a thing that changes day by day, and depending on how much you fight for it, you get it or hold on to it or you lose it, but sometimes it’s never there in the first place.

Or this bit of wisdom about pain:

She likes the people with the endurance to tolerate the drudge, the ones who know that pain is a requirement, not a curse.

The characters live in New York City and their lives intersect and bang into each other in surprising ways. It’s richly textured and I wanted it to go on and on. It won the National Book Award in 2009.


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