What is Your Relationship With Ideas ???

“And ideas are like stars. They fall from the sky, they run round your head. They litter your sleep as they beckon. They’d teach you to fly without wires or thread. They promise if only you’d let them.”
***** lyrics from the song Ideas Are Like Stars by Mary Chapin Carpenter*****

Exposure to new ideas is my idea of time well spent. When I go to workshops I’m happy if I get one or two new ideas after spending 6 hours trapped in a chair. I usually collect more CEU’s than required because I love ideas. It’s why I blog & built the website, to add to ideas & new ways of thinking.

As a therapist, I promise people that at the end of 50 minutes they will walk out with some new ideas about their thoughts & feelings which were stuck. Blowing the cobwebs off, to help someone embrace new possibilities is a crucial part of the work.

One of the best places to be exposed to wonderful ideas is TED Talks. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment & Design. There are invitation only, 4 day conferences where 80 speakers talk for 15 – 20 minutes on “ideas worth spreading”. Videos of these talks are then available online.

Certainly not all talks are noteworthy. Many are inspiring. Due to the short amount of time there is a richness & clarity that is really glorious. It was very hard to choose only one for the blog. On my website I have 3.

This video has been watched by over 2 million viewers. It’s by Daniel Pink, a career analyst on the “Surprising Science of Motivation”. Most business models use rewards which does NOT lead to quality performance.

Research has clearly defined “autonomy, mastery & purpose” to be the most important motivators. Think about the success of Google & Wikipedia…. It’s a wonderful talk that will improve the way you think about motivation.


Daniel Gilbert is another speaker at TED. His subject is happiness. For more TED talks: www.ted.com Please check them out & become inspired!


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