Third Anniversary for this Blog

3rd Blog Anniversary

I recently read that 85% of the people who start blogs, give them up. I’m happy to be in the 15%, who stay with the work of it. In 2012 I had my day with the most readership thus far.

I like the opportunity to influence larger numbers of people to think about ideas from therapy. I like the thinking that goes into writing about things I believe are important. I like that my blog is about substance.

I like the weekly effort of writing. I like how the time goes by so easily when I’m working on my blog. I even asked for a camera for Christmas to be able to work on the pictures instead of relying on buying them from istock. I’m sure I’ll enjoy another way to add to the creativity of my blog.

I hope for more subscribers, readers & to get on the wordpress dashboard. I hope that people have gotten some help from my blog by thinking about things in a fresh way, without having to pay.

In the end, the blog is about the opportunity to be creative. Sticking with it & coming up with new ideas has not been hard. It feels like creating a body of work to help people to understand something that often seems mysterious.

I thank wordpress & my readers for the opportunity to continue.

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