My 4th Anniversary of Blogging (02/12/2013)

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Tuesday the 12th marks my 4th year of blogging. I built a free blog for personal growth & improving relationships. This is my 236th post which is an average of 59 a year. I’ve accomplished my goal of publishing once a week.

It’s a way to be creative & share ideas about emotional well-being & what it means in the world at large. In my social worker DNA I don’t believe that people should have to pay for the opportunity to learn about themselves.

The biggest change I’ve made recently is not buying any more pictures at all from istock. I borrowed that blog lesson for the new front page design of my website & all the pictures of Pittsburgh are mine.

I certainly have times of doubt, where I question the value of it for anyone else. Then someone will take the time to comment which I find very encouraging. I also appreciate that my hesitant moments are overcome in my work with  clients which produces new ideas to write about.

I took a writing course in Santa Fe a few years back in order to improve the book I’ve worked on for a decade. The comment that I walked away with from the leader was that my writing is all about substance.. I certainly wish my writing was more lyrical, though I’m satisfied to offer substance.

Thirty years before that week-long workshop I signed up to work with Native American Healers on my first visit to Santa Fe. I was given the Indian name “She Who Walks with Truth” by the shaman who led the workshop. I want the power found within my Indian name to translate into one of the greatest strengths of this blog.

My wish is that readers find the words in my blog to be authentic. That these posts help people in personal growth development & that they help people to be more real in their relationships with the people they love. Trust within yourself and in relationships builds on Truth over time.

18 thoughts on “My 4th Anniversary of Blogging (02/12/2013)

  1. Loyal Reader says:

    Congrats, Rhoda! I read your posts as soon as they arrive in email and have learned so much. I look forward to many more years of wisdom and advise!

  2. Tom says:

    Lest you have any doubts about whether people are reading these and actually benefitting from them, let me assure you that I’ve benefitted TREMENDOUSLY from them and look forward to more of the enlightened self interest that has helped me SO much.

  3. Linda Juhascik says:

    Thanks Rhoda. I always read your posts and have copied a few of them for future reference! Keep up the good work; I believe that there are many others who read these, too.
    Linda J.

  4. Sheila says:

    You’re a comfort and an inspiration. Congratulations on the anniversary and all best wishes for your continued success! Thank you for offering such loving support.

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