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Anxiety, Shoulds, Duty & Exaggerated Obligation

November 28, 2014 • Anxiety/Codependence

Anxiety is the biggest problem I work with. Anxiety is a huge issue for tons of people. Anxiety means that fear drives your choices. Fear based choices make your world too small & tight which offers a false sense of safety. Often anxious people solve their fears with planning, controlling behavior, a strong belief in… Read More ›

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Romance Relationships in the Workplace

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I asked my friend Laurel Coppersmith M.S.W. to write a guest post because she has spent 25 years doing EAP work & 23 years in private practice. I respect her wisdom enormously: People spend 2/3’s of their waking hours at work. Workplaces are highly stressful these days, and the experience can leave them distressed and… Read More ›

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Couples Fighting & the Movie Before Midnight

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This movie offers a glimpse of real life in the fighting between Ethan Hawke & Julie Delpy after 20 years of being together. In the first 6 to 9 years there is a lot of catering that goes on in the name of love. Then the illusions fall off & there is more work that… Read More ›

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The Blame Game: Demonizing the Other

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Many of us find great comfort in demonizing our ex spouses or ex friends to make it easier to banish them from our world. This is a very 1 or 10, black or white, self serving point of view. We call this either/or thinking which is always about the extremes. Psychotherapy is often about the… Read More ›

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The Path to Improve Motivation Requires Being Authentic


Motivation seems illusive for so many people. Motivation isn’t simply being positive. Don’t falsely perky waitresses drive you crazy because it’s really all about being trained to sell an upgrade; there is nothing real about it. I contend that motivation has to be real in some way. Passion can be difficult for people to locate… Read More ›

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Divorce Spills Over On To Kids & the movie “What Maisie Knew”

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Divorce is an opportunity for people to indulge their intensity & hoarded resentments on to everyone. Normally sane people will shriek when they meet their spouse in the grocery store. They are past caring how it looks because they are fueled by self-righteousness. Divorce is an invitation to be your worse self, even in front… Read More ›

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Snowpiercer the Movie & How to Build Character

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Snowpiercer is a wonderful “end of the world” movie. We seem to be swimming in apocalyptic films & t.v. shows. I’ve always loved science fiction in books because it was an appreciation learned from my Father. Snowpiercer is extremely dark with a high body count. Snowpiercer is a metaphor for our times. The “have-nots” are… Read More ›

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Restoring My Relationship to Music with Thanks to Keith Richards

(2) Grateful to Keith & his biography, Music & Keith Richards, genius recommendations, music as an anchor in life,passion & music, staying current with music, Life by Keith Richards

On vacation I finally had time to update my music using itune’s Genius recommendations. I stayed up really late because I was having such a good time discovering Emily Bell, Ed Sheeran, The Peach Kings, Kim Logan and my favorite Audra Mae & The Almighty Sound. Reading Keith Richard’s biography reminded me of how I’ve… Read More ›


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